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Designate the date you want the material to go out in a bulletin, newsletter, or midweek or on the website. Submission deadlines can be found below and vary according to publication type.

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Please note that the submission deadlines assume that artwork is submitted with the copy.  Please DO NOT submit a flyer unless you only want it printed as individual flyers.  We cannot use flyer art for the website and often not for the newsletter or bulletin.

The submission deadline is the earliest deadline when there are multiple types of materials requested.

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If you need a brochure or other special printed piece, please give us the specifics in this section.

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Please note that the group may be required to defray added costs for colors or special papers. Special papers may include glossy or other textures or stock for special formats.

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Be as specific as you can, or call Robine for help at 410-833-5440.

Identify the page or pages on the website where your material needs to appear.

For example, if you are promoting an event that requires a hotel reservation, we can link your announcement to the registration site.

TEXT - This section applies to ALL types of publications

From event details to the invitation to participate, this section will gather the text for your publication.


Please read RUMC's fundraising policy. Fundraisers must be approved by the Finance Team. The Fundraiser form can be found on the FORMS page of the RUMC website.

Specify ticket/entry fees and the date the fundraiser was approved by the Finance Team.

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Every event, blog, article, worship series, etc., should have a consistent image so that our readers will begin to look for those images that they are familiar with. If this is a series-type event, a logo-type image should be part of every notice. Please indicate in Special Instructions if there is an existing logo that should be used.

Please note:  In order to produce accurate, high quality materials, publications will not be prepared until all detail is received.  The office will prepare a draft of print materials at least 3 days before the print deadline indicated above.  The requester will need to approve before the item is printed.