From the Pastor

Wednesday Midweek Message - December 9, 2015

Dear Friends,

This coming Sunday's scripture calls us to Imagine Joy.  Mary and the Apostle Paul witness to the joy of trusting in God's promises.  So, this week, as we prepare to worship on Sunday, consider this:  when have you known deep, almost inexpressible joy?  What happened to fill you with joy?

This season is not always easy for people that we love.  Perhaps there has been a death (recent or not-so-recent), a broken relationship, challenges with addiction or other pain.  On Sunday, December 20, we will offer a Service of the Longest Night at 5 pm in the Northside Chapel.  This service is essentially a service of prayer and healing where the lighting of candles focuses our prayers.  Please reach out to those you love who may feel down this season and offer to come with them to this service.  You may find that you, too, are blessed by this time of quiet reflection and prayer!

I hope that each of you is using the Advent devotional calendar and that you will share our Facebook posts with your friends and neighbors.  Be sure to include an invitation to worship, especially on Christmas Eve:  4:30 Family Service; 7 pm Praise Band Service; 10 pm Service with our Chancel Choir.  We will have candlelight at all 3 services.

Blessings on you,