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Don't miss out on the spaghetti dinner just because of a little snow and ice! The yummy spaghetti and accompaniments will be served by our youth group, and all proceeds from the dinner support the youth missions, providing funds to pay for building supplies and other items necessary to their projects. Dinner music will be provided by our praise band.

Download 2015 Spaghetti Dinner Flyer

Tickets may be purchased online at our website, using Vanco to pay for them. Here's how:

  1. On this page, click "Purchase Spaghetti Dinner Tickets" below and choose "Spaghetti Dinner."
  2. Enter the total dollar amount for the tickets needed in the dollar field and in the note field enter the # and type of tickets requested (types and prices are displayed under the dollar field).
  3. Select "One Time" as the donation frequency
  4. Click "Continue"
  5. Enter Name, address and payment information.
  6. Click "Process".
  7. Print a copy of the screen as proof of purchase.

Purchase Spaghetti Dinner Tickets

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Food Lion MVP Card

RUMC has been approved to be a charity on Food Lion's MVP card. If you shop at Food Lion, plase add RUMC to your MVP card. Everytime you shop at Food Lion, RUMC earns money back for the food pantry.

You can add RUMC to your MVP card online or pick on up at the store.

Go to http://www.foodlion.com

  • Choose Community Outreach
  • Choose MVP Rewards
  • Choose Register Card
  • Type in your card number from the back of your card
  • Add an organization - RUMC's code is 252622
  • Press Add when Reisterstown Food Pantry is displayed

Fund Raising with Fundraising for RUMC at Amazon

Shop at Amazon.com and earn RUMC money from your purchases.

Come to RUMC's web site and click on any Amazon.com link and you will be taken to Amazon.com's site, where you can browse and search for any number items such as books, dvd's, electronic items, etc. Your purchase from Amazon.com does not cost you anything extra nor does the church receive any personal information about you or your purchases. Depending on the product category, your purchase can earn RUMC anywhere from 4%-10% of your purchases.

You must come to RUMC's website and click on any of the Amazon.com buttons or links and you will be redirected to Amazon.com's site where a special code has been assigned to those links and buttons that will help Amazon credit RUMC's account for your purchases.

Keep in mind, you must initiate your shopping session by coming to RUMC's website and clicking on a Amazon.com link or button(Amazon button on left) in order for your purchase to count towards RUMC's fundraising account. As long as you don't leave Amazon.com and your session doesn't exceed 24 hours your purchase will be credited to RUMC's account. If you leave Amazon.com during that session prior to your purchase, you should come back to RUMC's website to start over in order for your session to count towards RUMC's account.

Tell your friends and family and help raise money for RUMC.
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