Our Lay Leaders

Lay Leaders

Tony Trcka

Janice Holsonbake

Chairs of Administrative Teams

Church Council – Mark Norris

Finance – Pat Botelle

Nominations – Pastor Jen Eschliman

Staff Parish – Sharon May

Trustees – Randy Hart

Support Areas:

Cemetery – John Riesenfeld 

Memorials – Brenda Soskin

Property – Sue Wright

Chairs of Program Teams

Care Team – Amy Hart

Communications – Pat Botelle, webmaster

Education – Linda Biffle

Outreach Through Hospitality – contact the church office

Food Pantry – Linda Adams

History & Records – Pat Botelle 

Library – Cindy Smith 

Missions – Susan Henry  

Parish Nurses – Tracy Tambaoan   

Prayer Chain – Lynn Owings 

United Methodist Women – Sharon May

Worship Design Team – Pastor Jen Eschliman

Worship Team - George Hoffmann

Complete Leadership Rosters (including committee members) are available at the Welcome Center or from the Church Office.