"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."  Frederick Douglas.

Good News!  Our library at RUMC is opening up in a creative way.  Soon, you will be able to check out books in the following way.

  • You may NOT enter the library to browse.
  • You WILL be able to reserve a book or more of your choice.
  • Think of a favorite author or a book you know about to make a reservation.
  • Click here to see the latest list of new books
  • Email the library at   and list your request.
  • OR text or call Cindy at 410-952-3934 or 410-833-7240 and leave a message.
  • Your book(s) will be put in a paper bag with your name on it.
  • Your bag will be left at the Welcome Center.
  • Make your reservation no later than Wednesday morning by 9:00 am.
  • Pickup will be the following Sunday.
  • We will date the sign-out card and give you 3 weeks to keep your order.
  • Please, return books to the shelf across from the ladies’ room. There is a return slot at the top.
  • If you are home bound or doing church on Zoom, we can deliver your books and put them on a porch or hang them on a doorknob.

We are looking forward to ”keeping you company” during the pandemic.

History of Rachel Bruehl Memorial Library

In the late 1960’s, after Mrs. Rachel Bruehl’s passing, the Church School decided to establish a library to honor her.  She was a faithful church member and holder of a 51-year perfect attendance record for Church School.  Books and materials were gathered and on March 9, 1970, the new library was dedicated at the morning worship service.  It opened with a remarkable total of 334 books.

Under the direction of Librarian Jenette Ports, the library continued to expand.  On September 6, 1978, the library became a separate entity with its own budget supported solely by contributions. In 1982 the library became a self-service facility open at all times. 

Winnie Garman, along with her helpful husband Bud, took over the management of the library when Jenette Ports retired.  Over the next 20 years under Librarian Winnie Garman, the library expanded its space from a Sunday School size room to the spacious area it is now when our church was being renovated in 2000. 

For many years the library was financially supported by Eleanor and Walter Turnbaugh, former members who moved to Florida.  Mrs. Turnbaugh was Rachel Bruehl’s daughter.  In addition, many members have made donations or have set up memorials to help keep the library a vibrant place.  About three years ago, our church received an amazing bequest from the Turnbaughs which is meant for the continuation and support of our library.  The library has been able to buy new computer equipment, furniture, many new books, and to provide a few programs for young children.  We are donating books as part of our outreach to the community.  We look forward to helping and inspiring all in our church and many in the local and world-wide communities.

Our Mission Statement

Growing together in Christ, the mission of the library is to transform the hearts and minds of the congregation and the community through education and spiritual enrichment.

The Library Committee

We no longer have a head librarian.  Instead, the library is managed by a committee of five ladies and are represented on Church Council.  We all have our special jobs to do but pull together on big projects and decisions.  When the schedule works, we meet every other Wednesday morning, but we often contribute many hours alone on different days.

Organization of the Library

We do not use the Dewey Decimal System.  Because the original collection was small, the books were assigned special category numbers.  For example, all books about the Bible are found in category #2 and all fiction is category  #33.  All books and shelves are marked and a classification list is posted.

The library is open all week as long as the church is open.  It is centrally located and not out of anyone’s way.  Many evening meetings are held there due to the large table and pleasant atmosphere.  Stop by during the Grow Hour if you wish to meet the staff, ask questions or browse for a while.  Books are checked out for two weeks but we do not charge fines for late books.  Please join us.