"Help select the sites for VIM trips, recruit team leadership, plan and coordinate trips, take part in fund-raising and serve as a volunteer for a VIM project."

Reisterstown United Methodist Church reaches out to our neighbors in need, both far and near. Through our Volunteers in Missions (VIM) program, our church has accomplished a number of miracles by doing God's work in ways that benefit those less fortunate or who are victims of natural disasters.

To date, our VIM teams have completed 48 trips to areas that were poverty stricken, or damaged by tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods. These trips comprised of a total of 754 volunteers who helped build or repair churches, homes, or help in anyway they could. Not to mention all the work they have done for our own church or the local Men's Shelter and Community Crisis Center.

Our VIM teams have been deployed to Kentucky, North Carolina, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe just to name a few areas. The teams deployed have been as strong as 45 people all working together in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Our VIM teams are diverse groups of people offering many talents. Training is provided. All that is required to volunteer is the desire to do the Lords work and help a neighbor in need.

Any past volunteer will tell you that the benefits far outweigh any sacrifice. The people helped, the friends made, skills learned and fun had working together with Christ make these trips more joyous than any vacation can offer.