Chancel Singers

The Chancel Singers provide musical leadership at the 10:00 a.m. worship service about twice a month. Members of the choir also lead worship on alternate Sundays as song leaders, soloists, and in small ensembles.

The Chancel Singers is as close to the traditional adult "church choir" as RUMC gets! Formerly known as the Chancel Choir, the group offers anthems from a variety of styles including classical, gospel, traditional, rock and contemporary Christian music. Many anthems are based on well-known hymns and praise songs, adding unique and inspiring (and sometimes challenging) arrangements to delight both the listener and the singer. Holidays such as Christmas and Easter usually mean special music, chosen and carefully prepared to touch the hearts of RUMC worshippers and to enhance their experience of knowing God at these special times. Music Sunday - usually held the third Sunday of December - and Memorial Day also are excellent opportunities to hear exceptional music offered by the Chancel Singers.

Chancel Singers consists of a core group of about 10 musicians who have been with the choir for a number of years (and some a far greater number of years than others!) These are not professional musicians, just congregation members who choose to worship God by making music together. This core group is joined often by shorter term singers from the RUMC congregation, who choose to sing for a special event or even a whole season; and, on special occasions, by professional soloists and instrumentalists. Singers are all ages and from all walks of life including teaching, computer engineering, accounting, constructions, sales, and even a few retired folks. The only prerequisites for membership are a love of music and a willingness to use your musical talents to glorify God!

Bill Myers provides musical directorship and spiritual leadership to the Chancel Singers. Each Thursday evening rehearsal begins with devotionals and prayer, and ends with “joys and concerns” – an opportunity for choir members to remember loved ones and offer thanks for special gifts from God. In between, the singers work hard, and Bill reminds us that we sing not for ourselves but to Jesus’ glory. Yet every singer finds that the experience of making music with the Chancel Singers offers blessings back, far in excess of what we offer.

Volunteer to sing with the Chancel Singers! No audition is necessary. Come to a Wednesday rehearsal at 7:00 pm and see how being a part of the Chancel Singers can bless your life! Join for the long term, for just one season (Fall or Spring), or for a special musical event such as Christmas, Easter or Music Sunday. Contact Bill Myers or the church office for more information.