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2015-09-10 Mid-week Message

This coming Sunday is Rally Day and we will begin a new worship series:  Saving Grace:  John Wesley and ____.  This week’s “and” is “Conversion.”  Brought up in a parsonage in 18th Century England, Wesley learned from early on that it is important to live our faith.  But his soul was deeply restless.  He begged a friend to help him figure out why he did not feel that he had faith.  Yes, you read that right.  John Wesley struggled with his faith.  He often thought he didn’t have enough faith – or maybe no faith at all.  On May 24, 1784, Wesley experienced a “conversion of the heart.” 

Midweek Provocative Question:

When have you felt your heart “strangely warmed?”

This week we will commission and bless our Sunday School teachers and students and give a gift of a personal Bible to our third grader, Maya Trump!

See you on Sunday!

Blessings on you,

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