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From the Pastor - January 2019

01.01.19 | News | by Vivian McCarthy

    Rich and I bought a new power-reclining love seat for our Christmas present to each other. Since his last knee surgery, Rich had been using a cast-off from our son-in-law that was a MESS, and I was using my father’s recliner that wasn’t much better, but it had the lift feature that felt so good when my knees were such a mess last spring.

    What a difference that recliner has made. Oh, and did I mention that putting in the new sofa made it (ahem!) necessary to get some new living room tables? Our great room has a fresh, new look. 

    I got to thinking about how I feel when there is something new or freshened up. And those thoughts drifted to how I feel when I am new – when something in me is made new by God working within me. It’s not usually quick like it is when buying a new sofa. It works on me. Little nudges. Moments of insight. I may learn from you or God speaks through a person I encounter or through an experience. 

    There is a deep feeling of refreshment and freedom when God makes me new. And you know what? It encourages me to want more – kind of like having to get the tables, too. 

    As we stand at the start of a brand new year, where do you feel God nudging you? What needs an update or maybe a good cleaning? To be very, very clear, please understand that these nudges don’t have to come because we have done some horrible thing. These nudges come often just because God sees something better in us to bring us to a new experience of the abundant life that Jesus talked about.

    Jesus said, “I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) As I am open to God’s nudges, I find that to be so very true!