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From the Pastor - June 2019

06.01.19 | News | by Vivian McCarthy

    Everywhere I go, dear Lord, You’re near me.

    If I call upon You, You will hear me.

    Never will I fear, for the Lord is near, everywhere I go.

    Recently, both Susan Harry and I have preached about the Lord being near – she in relation to the anxiety that seems to be permeating 21st century life and I in relation to the discovery that some of our Sunday School participants don’t believe that God truly cares for them. The song quoted above is by Natalie Sleeth, a genius at simple, direct theology that was not just singable but memorable. I taught that song as an anthem to my children’s choir a long, long time ago – yes, in the last century.

    What songs are we teaching our children and grandchildren?  Are they songs that they can call on when they need to be reminded that God cares for them?  Are they songs that give them a solid foundation – one based on the Solid Rock?  Are they songs with language that is simple and memorable?

    Last night I was with my sisters and cousins for dinner.  The Crouse women gather occasionally for dinner and lots of laughter.  I touched base with my sisters about singing with us in The Apostle this fall, and much to my amusement, the whole table broke out in a chorus of one of the songs in that musical – again, simple and memorable.  Yes, people in the restaurant were staring.  I’m sure they were just jealous that we were having so much fun.  It, too, is a song that is simple and memorable.  Some of those women hadn’t sung that song for – well, let’s just say an eternity.

    That foundation – the Rock – makes life manageable at the awful times and a hundred times more joyous during the good times.  And when I see one of our littles begin to grasp how much they are loved in the midst of our faith family, my heart truly sings. 

    Blessings on you!