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From the Pastor - March 2019

03.01.19 | by Vivian McCarthy

    I sometimes get a little weary when contemplating the spiritual work God is calling me to. I love the Wesleyan theology of grace that gives us the ROOM to grow (sanctification and going on to perfection are two descriptions of how we continue to grow in grace when we become aware of the grace of God and our need for God), but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the need to keep at it. 

    At the very same time, sometimes in the very same breath, I yearn for God to start something new in me. And when God works a renovation in my spirit and in my life, it’s like that new paint and new flooring that is going into my home. 

    The basement renovation is almost complete. The only thing lacking is the new floor. The rest is beautiful, and the newly finished floors upstairs are absolutely gorgeous!! Yes, I’m tickled pink! 

    But you know what? All of our upstairs living space is a mess. We can’t put stuff back yet (not until the bedroom carpet is laid and the basement is really finished) and of course between the sanding of the new drywall and the sanding of the flooring has left a layer of dust over absolutely everything. 

    I. Want. It. Done. 

    As I sat down to write this newsletter article, all of that was swirling in my head and the photos changed on my screensaver and it was as if God spoke through the photo on the screen. The nature scenes “spoke” of the way that God continually works on the awe-inspiring landscapes, painting the sky, shifting the face of the mountains, etching the riverbanks. Renovation – sometimes in the midst of a mess. 

    Life is messy. 

    I hope you will participate in a small group or in the Wednesday lunches or Thursday suppers during Lent, allowing God to shape your inner life by God’s patient, holy grace and by deep conversation with companions on the journey.

    Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 6. We will have services at noon (Northside Chapel) and 7 pm. Five weekly lunches on Wednesdays at noon and suppers on Thursdays at 6:30 will follow. 

    Won’t you allow God to speak to you and to work within you?

    Blessings on you!