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From the Pastor - Newsletter April 2018

03.27.18 | News | by Vivian McCarthy

    Yesterday I offered the daily invocation for the Senate of Maryland in Annapolis.  I have no idea why I have received this invitation these last 3 years.  The first year when I arrived, one of the Senate staffers had been killed over the weekend, and it was a very somber place.  Yesterday, I could feel the urgency in the air as they were counting down the 19 days until the end of the session.  (It reminded me that we were also counting down the days until the end of Lent and that both “seasons” will end in a burst of light and relief!)

    This time I was also approached by a couple of the senators who are running in elections this fall.

    Each time I have sat down to write the prayer, I have thought about public service and those who enter it, and I would like to offer yesterday’s prayer to you as we begin another election cycle.  Won’t you pray for those who serve in public life?

    Holy One,

    We know you as the Source of Being, the Source of Love, the Source of Grace and Goodness.

    We know that your love is deeper, broader and more powerful than we can imagine or begin to truly understand.

    We know that you desire the very best for each and every one of your children, regardless of place of birth, age, ethnicity, skin color, sexuality or economic condition.

    We want to be more like you. 

    We pray for the courage to stand up for your children – to protect all of those who live on the margins to honor the lives of every one of your children to work for a society where your children are safe and receive what they need to feel safe and secure to provide just and ethical structures where families can live in peace and where neighbors can rely on each other. 

    Today, Holy One, I pray for these men and women who endeavor to serve the public. 

    Give them each a heart for justice, the tenacity to work for what is right, the courage to stand up when everyone around them sits down, the energy to serve each day, and the humility to know that they are here to serve – to serve in public life and to serve you rather than to serve self-interest.

    We are grateful, Almighty God, for those who give their lives in service, whether in elected office or in the offices where the many tasks take place to support and complete the work.  Remind them every day of the gratitude of those they serve and of the responsibility to live up to the trust that is placed in them.  On the days when they feel the job is thankless, remind them of the good they do, the needs they meet, and the call that is on their lives.

    Teach them to take care of themselves so that they can be their best when they are required to make weighty decisions.  Teach them to take care of their close relationships so that those crucially important relationships will thrive.  Teach them to nurture their spirits so that their lives and their decisions will reflect a healthy reliance on the grace that comes from your great heart.

    Bless them, Holy One, to be a blessing to others.

    Hear our prayer.  Amen.