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From the Pastor - October 2018

10.01.18 | Community | by Vivian McCarthy

    As I hope you’ve noticed, this is the slogan/theme for our version of Back to Church Sunday.  Many of us have been wearing bracelets with BELONG emblazoned on them.  We gave all of our school personnel and students the bracelets, encouraging them to put them on their backpacks and briefcases so they are reminded every day that they have a place where they belong – a place where they are loved, supported, and nurtured through prayer and teaching and encouragement for the journey. 

    While this is a national campaign, it has local meaning.  A sense of belonging gives us roots.  When we belong, we matter.  

    When I’m a visitor, believe it or not, I feel tentative…careful…reluctant to dive in.  When people feel that they are outsiders, they often come for what they can get out of something, but I find myself wondering if they truly believe they have something to contribute – or if they want to contribute to or invest in the life of the community.  

    What does it mean to you to belong?  And how will you invest in the belonging of others in our faith family?  

    The best news of all is you belong to God!  That, my friends, is news that’s fit to share!