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From the Pastor - October 2019

10.01.19 | News | by Vivian McCarthy

    Dear Friends,
    I’ve been reading and re-reading a little book in thinking about our stewardship series that begins in a couple of weeks. It’s called "Earn. Save. Give: John Wesley’s Rules about Money," and in the introduction Jim Harnish talks about identity – specifically, our identity as Christians.

    What is at the core of your identity? Fill in this blank: I’m a ___________. Most of us would probably fill in that blank with what we DO. The question, though, isn’t about what we do. It’s about who we are – what is at our core

    In some cultures, like in biblical times, a person’s identity was based on their tribe or family: David, son of Jesse, son of Obed… Paul often said he was of the tribe of Benjamin when he needed to prove himself. “Hello, Mrs. Jones! I’m Sally, and your neighbor Gladys Smith is my grandmother,” is a more contemporary way to express that. 

    As we explored in our study of Paul, we found that he proudly proclaimed that he was a Jew, and it was easy to see how that identity shaped pretty much everything he did. 

    We will explore this more starting on October 20, and as we approach the season of focusing on stewardship, I hope you will ponder these questions

    • Is “disciple of Jesus” part of my identity?
    • Is Disciple of Jesus something I do in order to get something (comfort, eternal life, etc.) or is it who I
    • How is my identity as a disciple of Jesus central to my life?

    Please remember that we have only 1 service on October 13 at 10 am, when we will worship by hearing The Apostle. The service will be all music and story-telling about Paul, capping our small group and worship series on the life and ministry of Paul, the Apostle. There will be a fellowship time after the service, but the menu has not been set at this time, so I can’t be sure if it will lean toward a lunch or light refreshments (watch the bulletin for more information and be sure to let us know on your Connection Card or by email how many will be staying for the fellowship time). I hope you will stay and fellowship with both our faith family and the choir from Covenant UMC in Montgomery Village (Gaithersburg) who will be singing with

    This is a great opportunity to bring family and especially neighbors who don’t have a church home to experience worship at RUMC!

    (But please understand that this service will be longer than usual – will let you know how long after we have a full rehearsal.)