Welcome to RUMC!

What to Expect

Spiritual life is a personal as well as a communal experience.  In community, we can find others to walk beside us, to share in our journey, to pray for us, and to provide a place to explore with others on similar journeys, similar questions, and sometimes challenges to help us to grow.

At RUMC, our mission is Growing Together in Christ Through Worship, Fellowship, Witness and Service

We live that out through the many ministries offered by and for the congregation and community.

This website is intended to provide an overview of our ministries and help you to find a niche where you can connect with others on this journey of faith and life.  As I often say as I begin our worship service, “it is our hope that you will find at RUMC bread for your journey of faith and of life.”  It is our prayer that worship will uplift and inspire you through interpretation of scripture, music, and all of the worship arts; that study will deepen your understanding of scripture as well as your relationship with God in Christ; that service will help you to grow in your love for others; that witness will inspire and encourage you so that you will be able to step out on faith; and that fellowship will connect you with others for support and FUN!  (The pastor has been known to say, “if it ain't fun, it ain't Christian!”)

Blessings on you,

Rev. Jen Eschliman, Pastor