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Midweek Message - January 28, 2016

Dear Friends,

We will have church on Sunday, and the Potluck Soup Luncheon is ON!  Thanks to our landscaping company and Brit Weber, our big parking lot and sidewalks are completely clear.  There has been some predictable overnight icing, so there could be some icy spots that we need to be careful of.  Please use your best judgement regarding the roads and whether you are safely able to come out.

Remember to pray for our youth this week as they attend ROCK beginning Friday, Feb. 5.  Pray for their relationship with God and that their hearts are open to the leading of God’s spirit.  Rich and I will be going with the youth to the retreat and will miss the Anniversary Sunday on February 7 which looks like an extra-special Sunday.  There is only ONE service at 10 am that day and there are several special guests coming to worship as the congregation reflects on its stories of Volunteers in Missions. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning!  In the meantime, stay warm and safe!

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Wednesday Midweek Message - January 20, 2016

Dear Friends,

Well, we shall see what the weather brings this week!  If the storm that is predicted materializes and it snows through late Saturday, it is possible that we will have to cancel worship, which is something I really don’t want to do.  If that becomes necessary, we will do a robo-Call as soon as possible to all those in our One Call system.  We will also post our decision on our website as early as possible, no later than 7 am on Sunday morning.  No matter what the decision is, please make your decision based on your personal comfort and safety needs.

As happened last winter, of course this will potentially interrupt one of our worship series.  So, I will post the sermon manuscript and study guide by Sunday morning (if we are forces to close) and will post a video by Sunday afternoon.

This week’s worship focus will be on changes that young adults face, ways to cope with the changes, and how parents and other important adults (such as their faith family) may be supportive.  As Susan Harry noted last week in relation to youth, adults sometimes minimize, ignore or judge how a young adult feels or the effect of change or decision-making on the young adult, closing the door to trust and support.  Come Sunday (I hope!!) or log on to our website to explore this topic with me and our faith community.

As I mentioned on Sunday, we are very excited to announce that we are partnering with Franklin High School to bring Wes Moore, author of The Other Wes Moore which is an important piece of our current worship series, to talk to our community’s young people.  This invitation-only event will be held on Thursday evening, February 18 at the high school.  Our youth group and their parents or grandparents are on the invitation list.  Though we have not yet worked this out, it is our hope is to provide either video streaming or a recorded video of the program that would give all of you the opportunity to hear Wes speak to our community’s young people.  This event has been made possible by the Turnbaugh Trust, and since the expenses to bring Mr. Moore here are minimal, we will be giving each student participant a copy of his young adult novel, This Way Home.  Publisher’s Weekly says: “Moore (Discovering Wes Moore) and Goodman (Kindness for Weakness) present difficult circumstances in an even-handed manner, while messages about friendship, hard work, and the importance of having—and following—a dream are an organic part of the story, delivered without preaching.”  Please pray each day for this event to reach the hearts of our young people!

And one more worship note:  Since I will be at ROCK on the first Sunday in February, we will celebrate communion on the following Sunday, February 14, beginning our Lenten journey with communion together.

Finally, we have been experiencing some plumbing problems which appear to be related to flushing paper towels in the toilets in the ladies’ rooms.  Please supervise children and use the flushable seat covers that are provided in every stall.  I thank you and our expense budget thanks you!

See you on Sunday – I hope!!

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