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    2017 Hurricane Relief

    09.22.17 | Missions | by Pat Botelle

    2017 Hurricane Relief Make Your Gift Count More! Our brothers and sisters in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico have experienced extreme hardship and devastating damage from recent storms.  The news coverage has moved on but the people there...


      05.08.17 | News

      Dating violence endangers many our of young people and can be a prelude to domestic violence of other types. Bring a young person -- male or female -- to this eye-opening event, telling the story of Yeardley Love, a young Cockeysville woman who...

        From the Pastor - Midweek News March 1, 2017

        03.01.17 | News | by Vivian McCarthy

        Lent begins TODAY, and there are several things that you need to know:1. We will not celebrate Communion on March 5 or April 2. We will have Communion on Ash Wednesday (March 1), Holy Thursday (April 13) and on Easter (more on that to come).2. We...

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