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    2015-11-01 Board of Childcare

    11.01.15 | Help Wanted | by Cindy Smith

    Board of Child Care, one of UMC's busiest missions, is gearing up for traditional fall activities and we can use your help. Thanksgiving Baskets for the Foster Care Program will be packed on November 12. We need all donations by November 3...

      Stewardship Series - Treasure

      09.23.15 | Stewardship | by RUMC Church Office

      Money affects your heart. Whether you are in plenty or in want, money has a direct connection to your stress level, your anxiety and the health of your relationships. It is no wonder, then, that Jesus talked about the relationship between our...

        Food Pantry - July 2015

        07.01.15 | Community | by Lani Hoffmann

        The food pantry handed out 211 bags in May. During the summer – we will be collecting school supplies to hand out to children in need in the community. Suggestions of items are:Crayons, markers, pencils, colored pencils, packs of paper...

          God’s Baseball Team

          07.01.15 | Giving | by George Hoffmann

          Ok, so God probably doesn’t have a baseball team, but it did make for a catchy title, don’t you think? So why am I writing this and using a catchy title for a sports franchise that may not exist? Well, it all goes back to a...

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